What is a FatBike?

A bicycle with extra wide tires. Which makes it possible to ride with very low tire pressure and therefore has a large footprint. Therefor you can ride on soft ground such as snow, gravel, sand which would otherwise be un-rideble.

Which Fatbikes to you have?

Currently we have 6  Surly Moonlanders, which are the fattest of the fat. The name already says everything. Made to ride on the moon, and on Svalbard. They are the 2014 model with 100m wide rims and use 4.8 inch wide tires. So about 12cm wide or about the length of the giant south american grasshopper. In addition we have one Fatback aluminium from 2012 for special occations.

All bikes are equipped with a water-proof bag where you can transport your personal stuff.

Surly Moonlander

Fatbiking and the environment?

Since you are the engine, it is a really ecofriendly way of experiencing Svalbards spectacular nature. The only sound you hear is the tires roiling on the snow. So you can fully enjoy the view while still moving along in a significant speed.

We follow the leave no trace philosophy. We only ride on snow, frozen ground or below the high tide waterline.

Who can ride a FatBike?

If you can ride a normal bike than you can ride a FatBike, simple as that. The Guide is also adapting the speed according to the guests.